We the winegrowers of Ribbon Ridge, recognize the unique nature of soils and micro climes of our American Viticultural Area.

We undertake to farm our vineyards in ways born of respect for the earth and all the creatures that share these hillsides with us.

We acknowledge the limits of our soils and accept reducing yields in harmony with these limits will create wines more expressive of our unique location.

We honor the principle of minimal intervention in the natural system that nurtures our vines. This includes reducing dependence on outside inputs of all kinds.

We undertake to reduce our reliance on agricultural chemicals including employing organic weed control practices; deep tilling by hand or with a mechanical weed bar to eliminate chemical herbicides from our land.

We consider the waters of the Ribbon Ridge watershed to be a precious and limited resource and pledge to engage in practices to preserve them.

We consider irrigation to be a tool to be used sparingly, when our vines are in their early years of establishment or when extreme weather conditions prevail.

We acknowledge the great contributions of our farm workers in this pursuit and pledge to be mindful of their well-being while in the field and the needs of their families in securing a better life through work with us on our farmland.

We recognize the importance of balance in all living things and strive to achieve it in our vineyards, our wineries and our wines.