The Ribbon Ridge Winegrower’s Association is a non-profit association dedicated to achieving recognition for one of Oregon’s most prestigious Pinot noir producing regions. The Ribbon Ridge American Viticultural Area (AVA) was established on July 1, 2005 and is a sub-AVA within the Willamette Valley. Its early drafters were wine country pioneers, Doug Tunnell, Harry Pederson Nedry and Dewey Kelly who are still members.

The Ribbon Ridge Winegrower’s Association began in 2014 with 20 members representing wineries and tasting rooms throughout the Ribbon Ridge region. The Ribbon Ridge Viticultural Area is located in northern Yamhill County. Oregon northwest of the town of Newberg.

The mission of the Ribbon Ridge Winegrowers Association is to promote, enrich and protect the prestige of Ribbon Ridge wines and to support our members and community. To support this mission we keep a strong attention to our efforts through…BRANDING, TOURISM PROMOTION, INDUSTRY COLLABORATION, COMMUNITY RELATIONS and MEMBERSHIP.


Ribbon Ridge was given its name by Colby Carter, an early settler who came from Missouri in 1865. The top of the ridge twists like a ribbon, hence the name. Our AVA has also been known as a distinct farming district since at least 1888, with its own name and its own mix of crops, ranging from walnuts, prunes, hazelnuts, hay, Christmas trees, timber lots, and cattle for more than a century.